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New Project: Modular equipment cases

objective: create cases that hold the individual equipment that I would need for a given deployment.

Description: In the moment of deployment you will not have time to go running around looking for all of you equipment and supplies. The Goal here is to have the equipment built into cases that are Modular and can be mixed and matched based on the given deployment.

Examples: a case that holds the VHF Radio, one that holds the batteries, one that holds the Packet, Citizen Band, and scanner Etc. Including provisions for a grub box and Tent case, Antenna case, Etc.

First things first, the power.

I'm still designing the case but I know I want a drawer and a place with outputs for lights, and equipment. also inputs for charging from many sources.
This will likely be the largest of the cases so I think wheels would be good. Taking my queue from the entertainment industry I think cases with corners and angle beads, wheels and handles are a must.
I also intend on carpeting the exterior so it looks nice and is pretty rugged.

I'll post the pictures of the design when I get that finalized, then I can move on to the next step.

Till then de KG7RZX 73

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