Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Modular case design - the classic road case.

Hey all,

I was surfing this evening and came across a N3LUD's YouTube video, where he was making a box out of plywood like I did for my ham-shack in a box.

He used some pretty pro parts like corner protectors and recessed handles. That got me thinking what if it was just a road case. Pros have been using them for years, and they protect expensive stuff, like guitars and drums and the like. Why not? Hmmm.

I will tell you that purchasing a basic case will cost about the same as a pelican case, and without any customization.
Well that was fun.........wait. N3LUD made one out of plywood. I like wood working and I made the first one out of wood. Maybe I can make one. Back to

Ok, I found a channel of a company named Reliable they have a series of videos that shows how to make pro boxes. I think that after watching the video below that I could make a road style box that would meet my needs.

Now I haven't priced everything, but I cannot imagine it being super crazy.
If I make it myself I can customize it to my specs. This bears some more research, but I think I like the idea.

I have seen some other custom stuff and It looks like you can do a lot of stuff with it. Including tables, boxes that lock together, etc.  I even saw one that had rack rails....
Even more modularity. Radios mounted to shelves and the such. It has a lot of possibilities.

I am sure there will be those that say "well it is not water / weather proof", and my answer will be yea, your right, but neither is your pelican while you are operating your rig. My son (unlicensed) says it looks heavy. I cannot dispute this because it might be, but the lovely thing is that you can put casters on the bottom or you can make the cases small enough to hand carry. You can also lock the cases together when you stack them.

So, there you go, an idea for a more custom Go-Box or Hamshack in abox. I look forward to building several to enclose my modular deployment kit. 

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