Saturday, December 26, 2015

Adjustable windom style antenna

Ok, so I had a qso with Dave Owen (K7VNH) and we were talking about windom style antennas.
We have this style at out club station K2LDS, and we are able to tune this for most of the bands with 1:1 SWR

During our Qso, I was having a difficult time explaining the tuning mechanism, so I decided to make a drawing. the picture below is a representaion of how our antenna works. We do not use an auto tuner with our radio rather we tune the antenna to the band we are working.  

This drawing show one leg of a window dipole antenna and how it adjusted. we set a carrier on the antenna and then move the wench watching the SWR meter until there is a 1:1 ratio. Once we are set then we start working stations. Usually we only need about 10 watts.

Note: the balm is a 4:1 and the wire and rope are connected with an insulator. The max sheave size is about 2" on the pulleys.

This design is not mine, but is the brain child of Joe Maughan (AA7J). We tried it with old battery powered drills to work as the wenches and change the lengths from the shack. However they are not very weather proof. So in the end we went back to the hand wenches.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

PowerPax Store-a-cells

I have been making my list of items that need to go in my go-kit. On that list I have the standard radio, ear phones, speaker mic, alkaline battery pack, and alkaline batteries. But you know the box that you purchase the batteries in does not last. Sooner then later the box gets crushed and the batteries spill out into the nether regions of my back pack. Then I'm digging for a battery......or worse two. no this just not efficient.
Enter in the powerpax storeacell device.

This device helps store your AA (or other) batteries for use with your HT.
Not only that, they make it easy to test your batteries quickly with the positive and negative ends exposed enough to place test probes on each battery testing.

You can purchase several models from 4 to 12 packs and in several colors. Including one that glows green in the dark.
An all around wonderful product. That is until you want to purchase one to try out. A 12 AA block like the one pictured above will set you back around $7.00.... not too bad, Then comes shipping via USPS FIRST CLASS which takes 10 days. That will set you back an additional $8.00ish. Ouch!

Well kids, I found a work around, a social hack if you will. Home Depot, the big box home improvement store, will sell you a powerpax long as it is orange. Which really isn't a bad deal. Home Depot will ship to store for free in about the same amount of time.
So if you want to try one out and don't want to spend a fortune this is a pretty good route.

I have to say as I have been using it with my batteries in my back pack. I have already found the value of not having to dig around for a loose battery as I can just pull one from the block with ease.

I have inserted both alkaline and Ni-MH batteries, they all fit fine in the slots and are easy to place and remove from the holder. I like the Eneloop rechargeable AA (HR6) from Costco.

To sum up, I would purchase more of these to put in several different place of my go-kit. It is a #1 pick for this operator.

For more information on the PowerPax Stor-a-cell, see the video below or Goto their website 

Well I hope you have time to check these out, I like them and they are very helpful,

73 till next time KG7RZX