Friday, November 20, 2015

Power Distribution Box

Ok, So last night I attended a meeting at the crossroads amateur radio club and Jerry Wellman gave his acclaimed presentation on go kits. During the presentation Jerry showed a power distribution block, that I have actually built from a kit I got from Mat Murdock (K2MJM).

I promised that I would post more information about the distribution block. So true to my word I'm posting a link to the PDF that describes the construction and also a link to the place to get the circuit boards made.

This would be a great club project and is easy to make if you have even half decent soldering skills.

Power pole distrobution block by Bill Conkling

Fair Circuits

If you want something a little more polished the Waverly Amateur Radio Society has a kit that looks pretty good. They have a Kit that they will sell you. The site was not forth coming with the price and be prepared to spend international freight .

Good Luck, and lets have fun in our hobby

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